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The third collection of songs from Simon Birt has recently been added to all major streaming platforms. Building on his two previous album successes, Simon Birt adds original spirituals and gospel to the mix; ‘Peace of Mind’, ‘The Traveller’, ‘Grateful That Now We Can See’, and ‘Coming Home’ are powerful and emotive songs from the inner spirit. In ‘Ballad Of A Sinner’ we see the beginnings of a new style blending vocal harmonies with strong guitar work and a laid back singing style that combine to produce a wonderful tune reminiscent of true bluesy classics. In ‘Let It Loose’ and ‘Don’t Say “No”‘, Simon returns to good old rock’n’roll executed with his own singular style.

The second collection of songs from Simon Birt has been warmly received since its release earlier in the year. Featuring original songs from the years between 2015 – 2020, this collection continues to develop upon themes about love, loss and redemption. ‘Dark Secrets’, ‘My Sweet One’, and ‘Treacle-Wading’ are beautifully written songs that will immediately strike a chord with the listener. In ‘Crooked Cop’ we hear complex guitar work and vocal layered in a truly pulsating yet relaxed tune with lyrics poking a little fun at the constabulary. Moving on to ‘Your Disease’ and ‘Serenity’ the theme of addiction is clearly addressed in some great bluesy renditions.

Debut Album ‘Halcyon Days’ by Simon Birt is still gaining traction after its release in February this year. This is the first collection of poignant songs about love, loss and redemption by original songwriter, Simon Birt. This album combines original rock’n’roll (‘Run Run Baby’), and Blues (‘You’re In The Wrong Place’) with beautifully written songs of the heart (‘Halcyon Days’, ‘In Vitro’, ‘Only A Moment’, and ‘Under Your Spell’). Other songs about haunting loss (‘Take A Piece Of Me’, ‘Left Behind’), and the destruction caused by addiction (‘Cocktail Hour’) are also well worth a listen. A remarkable debut album from this talented original singer songwriter.


‘Lullaby To the Soul’ is released

In this third collection of original songs from Simon Birt we see him explore themes of spirituality and faith, as well as love, loss and redemption. All these songs were written in 2020 and 2021 and represent the latest in the evolution of Simon's music. Dreamlike motifs are present evoking the listener to reflect upon immortality and the journey ahead. And, of course, there is some fun to be had in some plain rock'n'roll! This latest release is now available!

‘From Little Acorns’ is released!

We are super proud to announce the release of the second collection of original songs by songwriter Simon Birt. This album is a little different from the first one called 'Halcyon Days' but both feature songs from the same period written between 2014 and 2019. Hazy dreamsongs about love, loss and redemption feature significantly in this second release but also a few surprises touching on other themes. Stream them on your preferred music platform today and enjoy

Song Descriptions

Ever wondered what some of the songs were about? Well, now Simon has written his thoughts about all the songs on debut release 'Halcyon Days' and added them to this website. If you'd like to read about them, check out the link at the bottom of this Home page. We hope that you'll enjoy reading about the descriptions.
At the moment, Simon has only written bout the songs on the debut release but promises that he will do the same for 'From Little Acorns' as soon as he gets some time to do so!

Halcyon Days

A few years ago, I started writing a new collection of songs. I was inspired by periods in my life before I arrived in France, where I live now. So this was the '90's. I wrote about meeting my wife, our relationship, other people (loosely based on real encounters), and where I was living, which was Bermuda and then the UK. The title song, 'Halcyon Days', is about my early relationship with my wife when I was in Bermuda. It evokes images of the early realisation of the nature of the relationship with the beautiful backdrop of Bermudan beaches, and serves to travel through the early 'steps we took towards each other'. It's a simple song but full of meaning for us and one of my favourites. I love the guitar playing on it and as an early song from this period, it was formative in the style I was developing of singing and presenting my songs.

What’s Next?

That's simple. My next collection of songs written during the same period but my later ones, are soon to be released on a second album called "From Little Acorns". The style of music is much the same but, as these were written later, you can definitely hear a progression. I also experiment with layering some tracks using my voice and guitar; there is a bit of this on 'Halcyon Days' but I really explore this technique deeper in the second collection.
The subject matter is also a little different. I feature other aspects of my life, although still working around relationships. I am really very happy with the way that both albums have evolved and I think they complement each other extremely well in many ways. There is development in the music, certainly, and my playing and singing is maturing throughout.
I hope they find an audience that appreciates them, as I do.


What inspires me? Music-wise I started at an early age listening to my mother and father's record collection. Jazz, country, rock'n'roll and boogie woogie featured prominently. I developed a strong passion for Elvis Presley's music and later other rock'n'roll singers and groups but I always loved the ballads from the 50's and 60's. the singing, lyrics and melodies were striking to me. In my teens, I listened first to other rock bands, such as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and even some Whitesnake! After this period, I eschewed punk (although I did enjoy The Ramones - my first live concert in 1979). I discovered the Blues later on and spent a long time collecting records by Albert King, BB King, and others. I explored many forms of Blues music and it remains one of my favourites today. Nowadays, I'm lost to jazz - bebop, hard bop - and the in the many hours when I sit back and listen to a record, it's inevitably Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Miles Davis or Charles Mingus on my turntable.

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